Michael Cioffi is a product leader and soccer enthusiast.

Being a Boston native, Michael grew up an all-season runner, and enjoys how fitness and health can improve the lives of others.

He has overseen product growth in the healthcare industry. He holds degrees at Harvard (2011) and Carnegie Mellon (2014).

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My Projects

Superstardle Guess the sports superstar in 5 tries using stats and geography

Station 30 Tune in to the sports commentary station, and guess the teams who played (proof of concept)

Running Hitting the roads for charity and fitness

My Work

Aetna Health (2017-now) Making personal health easier to manage, for you and your loved ones, for lower cost and effective care

Zipdrug (2016-2017) Redefining the patient experience and healthcare logistics in delivering and managing medications

CVS Health (2015-2016) Developing new health platforms for patients with co-morbidities and chronic conditions

Pushtribe (2013-2014) Facilitating mentorship relationships and communities

Schneider Electric (2011-2013) Building industrial software applications to run automation in factories around the globe

My Education

Carnegie Mellon University (2013-2014) Creating products and services ... degree in (master) of (product development)

Harvard University (2007-2011) Moonlighting as an engineer ... degree in (bachelor) of (science in engineering)